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Finding Better Ways to Care for People™ Infusion Devices by Summit Medical Products, Inc

Which Technology Would You Trust For Your Post-Operative Pain Management?

For virtually the same price as an elastomeric pump, the electronic ambIT infusion pump provides the accuracy, safety, and ease-of-use you should expect from your post operative pain management device.


Elastomeric Pumps:
  • No programming flexibility
  • Less accurate flow-rate
  • No safety alerts or alarms
  • High-cost for low technology
ambIT Electronic Pump:
  • Simple, programmable operation
  • Volumetric accuracy of +/- 6%
  • Visual and audible safety alerts
  • Low-cost for high technology
  • Meets worldwide safety standards

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 ambIT Pumps and Accessories:
    PCA Pump
    PreSet Pump