Summit Medical Products

Summit Medical Products, Inc., the developer and manufacturer of the ambIT product line, is committed to providing our customers with quality products, customer service, and clinical support.

We recognize that the success of Summit Medical is determined by the performance and quality of our products. We are excited to offer patients and their healthcare providers the safest and highest quality ambIT pumps to meet their ambulatory infusion needs

Quality Assured

Summit Medical Products, Inc. is dedicated to designing, manufacturing and marketing medical devices that our customers value and recognize as having superior quality.

This dedication to superior quality is the foundation for building long-term sustainable success, growth and profitability.

Medical infusion pump


To develop, manufacture and market superior quality, innovative, simple and easy to use devices; and to expand the utilization of infusion therapy throughout the world.


Medical Device Development

Summit Medical Products, Inc has put together a team of experienced professionals from Engineering, Manufacturing, Regulatory Affairs, Marketing and Sales. We have teamed up with Healthcare Professionals to innovate the medical devices used on patients. We welcome new ideas and look forward to working with you in developing a device the next generation of healthcare professionals can utilize in making patient care better.

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