The ambIT® Family of Pumps

ambIT® debuted in 2000 as the smallest ambulatory infusion pump in the market. Since then, Summit Medical Products has been devoted to the creation and enhancement of easy-to-use and reliable devices that help patients resume their normal activities while keeping them safe and pain-free.

Summit Medical Products advocates the development of new solutions that help doctors achieve better outcomes, but most importantly, to improve patients’ quality of life.

Healthcare providers and patients trust ambIT® because it is:





Easily Programmable



Run/Pause Button
Pump Display
Manual Bolus Button
Remote Bolus Button Port
On/Off Switch

Post-operative Pain  

The ambIT® PIB-PCA gives healthcare providers the power to tailor medication doses to patient needs. This pump also provides a bolus button that allows patients to self-administer a controlled amount of medication when needed.

 The ambIT® design allows patient mobility and decreases time of recovery. Our customer-driven production offers a wide range of accessories to ensure the patient’s comfort, including carrying pouches to conveniently store the pump and the IV bag, a remote bolus button, and much more.

Poorly managed pain affects both patients and healthcare providers since it prolongs bed rest and patient discomfort, delays wound healing, and increases costs. With the ambIT® pump, physicians tailor solutions to specific patient needs and are able to reach their goals when treating pain.


The ambIT® continuous pump supports the administration of high-risk medication in the comfort of the patient’s home, while ensuring safety and effectiveness. This pump promotes medication adherence by rigorously infusing the exact dose of medication prescribed by doctors in a specific period of time. Poor adherence to medication and therapies leads to complications, increased medical costs and unnecessary physician visits, and delays the recovery process. Nonadherence can also lead to readmission.

ambIT® adherence to treatment regimen increases the patient’s safety and yields better health outcomes.


Epidural Patient-Controlled Analgesia

The ambIT® PIB-PCA is used within the hospital wards to relieve pain during labor. The mechanism of the pump gives control to pregnant women to assess their own pain and approach it with success, without compromising maternal or neonatal safety.

An unsuitable plan to control pain increases the risk of serious post-operative complications, including infections, post-partum depression and the development of persistent pain. The epidural patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) improves maternal comfort and satisfaction and minimizes or ceases episodes of distress.


Chronic Pain Management

The ambIT® PCA, PreSet, PIB-PCA, and PIB-IL pumps are leaders in treating chronic pain, a condition that affects 50 million Americans. The ambIT® pump can operate within different parameters, allowing care providers to individualize treatment plans without exposing their patients to medications with abuse liability, such as opioids. The ambIT® family of pumps allows physicians to customize each plan based on the degree of pain and the medical history of their patients.

Untreated acute pain is associated with distress, depression and psychosocial dysfunctions, and it may limit life and work activities; therefore, it is important to rely on an effective solution like ambIT® to treat pain accordingly.

Peripheral Nerve Block

The ambIT® PCA, PreSet, PIB-PCA, and PIB-IL pumps provide a target-specific analgesia approach to significantly reduce pain, the need for oral pain medication and postoperative joint inflammation. This technique also decreases patient discomfort such as sleep disturbances and opioid-related side effects, and allows patients to resume their normal activities faster.


Home Parenteral Nutrition

The ambIT® provides nutritional support to adults and pediatric patients with digestive pathologies in a home setting. Its light-weight/compact design eases patient mobility and ensures adequate nutritional therapy, while improving functionality and quality of life.

Patients undergoing parenteral nutrition therapies need consistency and a safe device able to dispense calculated nutrition requirements.

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