How ambIT® works

The ambIT® preset and PCA pumps infuse numbing medication through a catheter (small tube) into the surgical area or near a nerve to block the pain signals from being transferred to the brain. This is set up during surgery, so when patients wake up their pain is already being controlled.

An ambIT® pump is attached to a patient by a small tube that is placed under the skin through which medicine can be delivered. The doctor programs the pump to deliver the proper amount of medication at the appropriate time, so the patient doesn’t have to worry about keeping track of dosing amounts and times. The ambIT® pump provides worry-free pain relief, so patients can focus on healing.

The ambIT® family of pumps can be used for a variety of infusion therapies, including the PCA, PreSet, Continuous and military PCA pumps. Click Here for more details.

ambIT® has developed several pump models to fit various infusion therapy needs, including the PCA, PreSet, Continuous and Military PCA pumps.
Click Here for more details

With its easy programmable features and its outstanding accuracy, the ambIT® pain control system presents healthcare providers and their patients with the ability to accommodate their infusion therapy to any level of postoperative pain.

Using the ambIT® Pump

One of the benefits of having a small pump such as ambIT® is that patients can still move instead of being confined to a bed. However, your care provider may give you some guidelines for activities to avoid.

When showering place the pump in a safe place near you, such as a plastic bag to avoid contact with water.

You can place your pump under your pillow.

Customer Support

For more information about the ambIT® pump, please call Summit Medical Products, Inc. (1-800-444-2728) or your care provider. If you are a care provider with questions about how to program an ambIT® pump, download the “ambIT® Training” interactive app from the App Store or Google Play.

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