All of the ambIT® infusion pumps qualify to be billed using the HCPCS codes for DME products and supplies in the outpatient setting. The ambIT® pump is approved for HCPCS codes that are associated with a recognized fee schedule, unlike disposable pump codes.

By meeting the criteria for a reusable electronic infusion pump, the ambIT® allows a facility to bill for the infusion pump and supplies used for post-operative pain control on an out-patient basis. Many facilities have already discovered that the ambIT® pump can be a potential reimbursement source. Below are the HCPCS codes and their descriptions:

  •  E0781 – Ambulatory infusion pump, single or multiple channels, electric or battery operated, with administrative equipment, worn by patient.
  • A4221 – Supplies for maintenance of drug infusion catheter week (List drugs separately)
  • A4222 – Infusion supplies for external drug infusion pump, per cassette or bag (List drugs separately)

Reimbursement varies from carrier to carrier and patient policies. Negotiation between the facility and insurance provider may be required to reach the best possible rates.

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Medicare Reimbursement Fee schedule is updated quarterly or bi-annually as needed, and can be accessed at the following site:

Fee Schedule

This information is provided as a guide for coding pain management procedures. It is not intended to increase or maximize reimbursement by any payer. This information is intended to assist providers and facilities in accurately obtaining coverage and reimbursement for health care services. It is always the provider's responsibility to determine the appropriate codes and modifiers to be submitted. We strongly advise the provider consult with their payer organizations to obtain current local coverage and reimbursement policies.