Healthcare Providers

Infusion of local anesthetic directly into the surgical site, or directly onto the nerve to block the pain signals to the brain, is an effective method of controlling pain post-operatively.

Optimally, both methods of post-operative pain management call for the use of a reliable and accurate infusion pump. The ambIT provides program flexibility, infusion accuracy, and functional reliability, enabling your pain management program to be successful in patient care.


Try the ambIT

An ambIT Representative will train you and your staff on set-up and programming of the pump, and will ensure a smooth trial with no hassle. After a trial with the ambIT Pump, continuing to use it in your practice will be an easy choice.

ambIT can make the difference to your pain management program:

  • Easy set-up and programming
  • Electronic LCD allows you to review setting details at any time
  • Provides up-to-the-minute infusion history
  • Allows for mid-therapy titration to meet individual patient needs
  • Volumetric accuracy provides safety and peace of mind
  • No waiting or wondering if infusion is working properly

Put your trust in the product that lets you see clearly the therapy being provided.